Terms and Conditions

1-Code card conditions

All code will be delivered with in 24 hours from the purshase

We are not responsible of mal use of the code .

All codes are totally fonctionaly

We suppose that all users after the sell , know how they use their code in the specified stores

2-Zeusexchanger wallet condtions

zeusexchanger.com use zeusexchanger coin (ZSC) as tokens .

The value of one ZSC is igual to 1 united state dollar.

ZSC are used to bay from our store .

When you load your wallet with e-dinar or Paypal , you have only 7 days to spend your money.

After 7 days the money will be refunded to your e-dinar or paypal wallet.

Refund fees will be applied .

3Gold Purchase

  • 1 -Before placing your order , you must load your wallet with the value of the gold  bar or medal , to guarantee us that you own the amount of purchase
  • 2-When you terminate the step one 1) you must contact our support, via live_chat or contact form,   to get the permission to place your order. You will receive the date in wich you can place your order
  • 3-After purshase , you will receive your order after 30 days in your billing adress.
  • 4-your order will be delivered hand to hand
  • 5- In case which you want a specific gold weight you must contact our support via live_chat or contact form .


You can load your wallet with Bitcoin/altcoin , the amount that you load is transformed directly to ZSC (zeuscoin)

zeusexchanger.com will refund you if you will not use your wallet the next 7 days after load

The refund will be transfered to your Bitcoin/Altcoin wallet , Fees and rate of exchange will be deduced from your zeusexchanger wallet .

4-zeusexchanger has the right to change or add any Terms or conditions