2 Gramme Good Delivery Bar

125.00 $

Occasion General
Alloy Gold Au 999.9
Total Weight 2.00 g
Packaging Comes in a blister pack complete with a certificate of authenticity
shipping default shipping to your billing adress : 20 zsc

1) -Before placing your order , you must load your wallet with the value of the gold  bar or medal , to guarantee us that you own the amount of purchase

2)-When you terminate the step one 1) you must contact our support, via live_chat or contact form,   to get the permission to place your order. You will receive the date in wich you can place your order

3)-After purshase , you will receive your order after 30 days in your billing adress.

4)-your order will be delivered hand to hand

5)- In case which you want a specific gold weight you must contact our support via live_chat or contact form .

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Some 4,000 years old, the casting of precious metals such as gold and silver into bars as a means of payment is a practice that even predates the striking of coins. Yet bars remain an excellent store of value and the perfect investment in an uncertain economic climate. Ounce for ounce they are also a cheaper way of buying gold or silver than bullion coins.

Traditionally, the markings on bars are mainly functional and record the name of the manufacturer or issuer, the bar’s weight and gold purity and serial number. The Austrian Mint logo guarantees that our bars are of the highest standard. Tradable all over the world, they also bear their weight designation (from 1 gramme to 1 kilo) and 24 Carat gold refinement, while their individual bar number makes each bar unique.

Good Delivery Bars

The Austrian Mint has appointed the accredited refiner, Swiss company Argor-Heraeus SA, for the production of its ‘Good Delivery’ bars.

Legal notice regarding the suspension of the customer’s right to return goods.
No right of return
In accordance with the law 18f FAGG, the customer has no right of return since the prices that feature in the sales agreement regarding the delivery of goods are subject to changes in rates on the financial markets, over which we have no influence.


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